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A reliable trading partner will always perform – even in the toughest times. Petrogress diversified funding model allows it to operate effectively in all market conditions. Its scale and structure protects the business from market shocks. It provides flexibility and the ability to capitalize on opportunities as they arise

Continued strong profitability growth coupled with healthy financial liquidity strengthens our position as an integrate company in the oil industry during the period of 2017 fiscal year

Risk Management:Petrogress prudent approach to risk management unlocks access in volatile markets. We systematically hedge flat price risk and have little exposure to underlying commodity prices;

Balance Sheet:The Group’s strong balance sheet generates economies of scale, supports infrastructure investment and allows us to finance production;

Diverse financing:Diverse financing strategies maximize scalability, flexibility and business resilience.

Financial statements & reports

As a public company Petrogress is oblige to report to its shareholders. We produce three quarterlies reports and the audited annual report which covers the full financial year from January 1st to December 31st. As part of our policy of increasing transparency, quarterlies and annual reports are available on our web and EDGAR’s link:

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