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West & Central Africa is one of the last areas on the globe that has not seen the magnitude of oil and gas exploration seen in the rest of the world; The most exiting energy market in Western Africa, is the Gas Oil with growth expected to be in the high single digits as power demands boom. This is because, Gas Oil, is more usable in West Africa countries in comparison with other more developed countries;

Petrogres Co. Limited, is one of the few with local presence in W. Africa and comprehensive product coverage. As physical traders, we gain first-hand experience of economic fundamentals as they play out on the ground;

From small beginnings, in the last three years we’ve grown rapidly and became a key oil trading entity in the area. Our sales proves that the Company is growing year by year with substantial benefits to remain for the company’s developments;

Physical trading and logistics in oil commodities is our core business. We have made strategic investments to develop assets that strengthen our trading operations. These are managed independently as standalone sectors, transacting the business within the Group and with third parties. Our logistic team operate seamlessly with our trading team and manage safely with efficiency our transaction!

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