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Petrogress is an independent Oil energy and Shipping company based in Delaware and New York, operating as an integrated basis and specializing in Oil exploration, production, trade and sea transportation with international operations across Europe, Africa and Middle East;

Petrogress, listed on the OTC Markets trading under the symbol PGAS. The Company operates primarily as a holding company for its wholly-owned subsidiaries around three continents. The company is in the process of several expansion initiatives, and is building on a vision to emerge as a vertically-aligned, international oil refining, trading and shipping operations.


Petrogress operates as a fully integrated international merchant of petroleum products, focused on the supply and trade of light petroleum fuel oil, refined oil products and other petrochemical products to local refineries in West Africa and Mediterranean countries.

The Company’s strategy is to replicate its successes in Oil and Gas Energy and maritime transportation sectors.


The first Petrogres Co. Limited started in 2009 with objective of developing, facilitating and implementing seamless and sustainable business in oil transportation within Mediterranean and Black sea countries.

The founding partners have professional qualifications in sea transportation and oil trade respectively which builds on experience of over 25years servicing in the industry.


Oil resources and exploration



Product fleet carriers



Processing & refining



Purchases & Sales



Our mission

Physical trading and logistics of petroleum products is our core business. We made and keep making strategic investments to develop assets and relationships that strengthen our trading operations in the present and future; Petrogres way of business explains what we do and what we plan to accomplish. It establish a common understanding not only for those who work here, but for all who interact with us.

Our vision

At the heart of Petrogres way is our vision to be a global integrate energy company most admired for its people, partnership and performance. We built on our values and our personal –hard- efforts with honest and ingenuity, using our creativity to find unexpected and practical ways to solve problems. We seek always for new opportunities and out-of-the ordinary solutions!


Petrogress seeks to remains an integrate company in oil industry by utilizing its solid operational, technical and financial infrastructure.

Petrogress will continue to provide customer service, enforce rigorous standards, and rewards its shareholders.

Corporate governance & shareholding structure

Petrogress, Inc., is a Delaware US Public Company listed in OTC and has adopted the US Security and Exchange Commission rules and ethics.
Today the Company has offices and representations in five countries worldwide and its largest operations are in Piraeus (Greece) and Tema (Ghana).
The founder and company’s chief executive is Christos Traios, to whom the operational directors and representatives report him directly.
The majority shares owned by the CEO and the rest owned by about seven thousand shareholders.


The By-laws define the main characteristics and purpose of the Company, as well as the primary rules for our organization and management BY-LAWS OF PETROGRESS, INC.

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The By-laws define the main characteristics and purpose of the Company, as well as the primary rules for our organization and management BY-LAWS OF PETROGRESS, INC.

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Integrity & Transparency

We believe that transparency comes in many forms – from being open about financial performance, to driving deeper stakeholder engagement, to improving monitoring and reporting within the organization and across our supply chain.

Our approach

We take the view that transparency is indispensable in our corporate responsibility journey. There are increasing demands for greater disclosure of payments to governments by commodity trading firms and upstream oil producers. Disclosure can assist in improving governance in resource-rich countries.
As a facilitator of oil trade, we also believe that natural resource wealth should be an important engine for economic growth that contributes to sustainable development and poverty reduction. Being open about how we manage natural resources gives the populations in countries where we operate the tools to hold governments and business to account.

Petrogress management Vision is “in striving for harmony and symbiosis between our planet, mankind and society we aim for sustainable growth towards a future of limitless possibilities”

Risk management

Integrity and transparency are the principles that guide Petrogress action in formulating a management and control structure that is suited to its size, complexity and operating structure, in adopting an effective internal control and risk management system, and in communicating with shareholders and other stakeholders.

Petrogress business is built upon understanding and managing risk. Its management structure incentivizes the preservation of capital and a measured approach to risk, and creates a culture of responsibility and accountability.
Our ability to effectively manage the risk inherent in commodities trading is fundamental to Petrogress continued development and stability.

Code of Ethics

To ensure that our work is always guided by ethics and transparency, we have adopted monitoring, oversight, and accountability mechanisms. A series of codes and standards set parameters for our relationships with our stakeholders.

Everyone in Petrogress, along with those who work with us towards the same objectives, is bound to comply with the principles in the Code of Ethics.

Our People

We are proud of our meritocratic working environment – one that is forged in an atmosphere of integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity and mutual respect. To have a successful and sustainable business we need to attract, develop and retain a skilled and high-performing workforce.

Our people are our business: the company’s value derives ultimately from them. It is on their expertise, innovation, drive and relationships that we depend for the development and growth of our business. Talent is precious to us and we create an environment in which individuals can reach their full potential, unfettered by hierarchy

Petrogress has a flat, meritocratic organizational structure, which we believe encourages an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, with everyone primarily focused on delivering results, and delivering them efficiently and safely

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