01/18/2018 petrogress

Financial Information & Record Keeping

No receipts, payments or transfers of Company funds or assets shall be made which is not authorized and properly accounted for on the Company’s books. All the Company’s books and financial records must fully reflect all receipts and expenditures and its financial statements filed with the SEC must conform to generally accepted accounting principles and SEC rules and regulations. Employees who collect, provide or analyze information for or otherwise contribute to the preparation of these reports should attempt to ensure our reports and disclosures are complete, fair, accurate, timely and understandable. All employees must cooperate fully with our accounting department, internal auditors, independent accountants and legal advisors to ensure that the Company’s system for developing such reports and disclosures functions properly. No undisclosed or unrecorded funds of the Company should be established for any purpose. No undisclosed liabilities or contingencies may exist, except when specifically permitted by generally accepted accounting principles. Attempts to create false or misleading records are forbidden.