“Physical oil trade, shipping and storage are at the core of our activities”

Petrogres way of business explains who we are and what we do

We maintain a short chain of command to facilitate efficient decision-making, which ensures we act decisively to secure advantages in the interest of our Partners and Clients. Our executive team works in close coordination and compose a part of the Company’s shareholder base;

Our sales team has extensive experience in the oil and oil products business, built on enduring customer relationships. Our reputation for delivering results reliably and over the long-term is a hard-earned asset, underpinning the confidence shown by those who rely on us;
Our maritime logistics team provides freight and shipping services to our sales and deliveries the oil products to the clients using our own tanker fleet. Our fleet is managed by the key regional office in Piraeus and Tema, who perform the day-to-day operations and the attendance of the vessels. Today, as one of the West Africa independent commodity trading and shipping house, Petrogres is at the forefront of the oil industry in the area. We use our knowledge in shipping and oil trade, moving our oil products where they’re needed. We develop market, investing in storage terminals, shipping and refinery;


We procure our products –LPFO – Crude Oil – AGO – LPG, from our related sources (such as refineries, Crude suppliers and traders) , sell and resale either as raw commodity to our customers or refine to the benefit of end-users. We further have crude oil trading specialist in our staff with first-hand knowledge and expertise in the markets, maintain long term relationships with supplying sources and buyers, and they are actively involved in developing projects, related to existing and new crude oil flow and other products;


Commodities are not always produced close to where there is demand. Physical traders act as distributors, supplying clients and moving products around the world. Logistics and distribution are at the of the business, shipping raw material to where they can be refined or processed and then used or transported to areas where there is a deficit. For oil, this means shipping crude into our  tankers to refineries and then shipping the refined products to where is consumed;

Petrogress, both owns and controls the oil and tankers for delivery to their refineries customers!