We are focused on maximizing shareholders value by maximizing returns on our investments

Petrogress, Inc., is an international merchant of petroleum products and maritime company, specializing in crude oil and  refined products trade within West Africa and Mediterranean. The Company procure products from its related sources (such as refineries, crude oil suppliers and traders) and resells to its customers locations.
As a carrier, Petrogress deploys owned and leased tanker vessels that using for the shipping of its products to designated destinations mostly in West Africa.
Petrogress has extensive experience performing complex freight movements and liquid cargoes logistics around the area, by providing innovative solutions to its customers requirements.
Petrogress management is based on experienced professionals in oil industry and ships operation. The talented people Petrogress employs align growth and profitability with a commitment to good corporate governance.
Our executive office for operations is located in Piraeus – Greece.

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