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Corporate Landmarks


October 2017, a new company formed in Cyprus, pg-cypyard & offshore terminal services co. limited “pg-cypyard” as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Petrogress Int’l. The company PG-CYPYARD Co. Ltd., formed in order to provide support services to offshore explorations gas exploration and production platforms and to participate in the construction of the new Energy port that will serve the E&P need of major oil companies in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

September 2017, Petrogress Int’l purchase the majority percentages of the Ghanaian corporation Petrogres Africa Co. Ltd. The company who performs and attends locally the group operations in Ghana and involves in the oil fields of Saltpond.

March 2017, a new entity formed in Delaware, Petorgress Int’l llc., an wholly-owned subsidiary of Petrogress, Inc. Petrogress Int’l active as the leader of the branches and representations and has established solid strategic partnerships in Ghana, Nigeria, Cyprus, Iraq, China and Brazil.


November 2016, Petrogres Co. Limited signed an Alliance Agreement with a Nigerian crude oil producing company which from such alliance the crude oil sales increased.

March 2016, a new entity born, Petronav Carriers llc., a Delaware corporation, an wholly-owned subsidiary of Petrogress, Inc., and the fleet of tankers assigned to the company in order to perform the day-to-day management and operations of the vessels. Petronav, through its qualified team experience is conducting the sea transportation of our crude oil and petroleum products and perform the “Ship-To-Ship” operations and lighting in West Africa.

February 29th 2016: Petrogres Co. Limited merger with 800 Commerce –an OTC listed company- and a new company structured to the benefit of the shareholders. The name of the company changed to Petrogress, Inc., and new management took place and the company stepped up its marketing efforts to expand its operations in the oil and sea transportation by maximizing the shareholders’ value.


December 2015, a new entity formed in Texas, Petorgress Oil & Gas Energy, Inc., with plans to purchase oil fields and expand to US natural gas sales yo European countries;

October 2015 the Company commence negotiations with a major US ship’s builders of Liquefied Natural Gas carriers to lease one, with option one more LNG vessels in order to expand its activities to Liquefied Natural Gas sea transportation;


The LPFO sales increased to amounting 175,000 barrels and additionally 8,750 tons of Gas Oil. On November Petrogres signed a Partnership agreement with the small refinery in Ghana. In June 2014, Petrogres acquire one more tanker vessel M/T ENTUS, specialized for navigation into shallow waters and she is presently under repairs/preparation for sailing to Nigeria;


As a well-known LPFO trader, Petrogres shipped about 110,000 bbls buying its products direct from small suppliers. The same year Petrogres engaged in the area two more tanker ships “INVICTUS” and “NAUTILUS”


In the beginning of 2012, Petrogres became an independent supplier and carrier of crude oil and signed the first Agreement with Saltpond Off Shore, a major crude oil storage terminal in Saltpond of Ghana. During 2012 Petrogres shipped about 85,000 bbls  LPFO  to Saltpond;


2011, a second vessel OPTIMUS was also prepared and hired to Nigerian Gas Oil traders. In view of the successful operations, Petrogres management decided to enter directly into trade of crude oil instead to use its own vessels on chartering only. Petrogres, through the past period of exploiting  its vessels under charter, established strong relationships and trust with product suppliers and receivers.


2010, decided to expand the activities in West Africa and particularly in Nigeria and Ghana, considering the area  as a highly promising for oil activities. During the year, the first vessel APECUS prepared and bounded to Nigeria following a proposal from a local crude suppliers to hire her for a certain period.;


The Company incorporated during  2009 in the Marshall Islands and activated in Piraeus to trade Petroleum products (particularly Gas Oil) from Black Sea to Mediterranean by utilizing its previous experience as maritime bunker supplier within Greek ports. During 2009 Petrogres performed a number of small shipments with Gas Oil;