company's history

company's building
Petrogres office in Piraeus

Petrogres Co. Limited founded in April 2009 in Piraeus with business purpose to ship and trade petroleum products from Black Sea to Mediterranean by utilizing its experience as maritime bunkers supplier within Greek ports. During 2009, Petrogres performed an number of small shipments of Gas Oil and Nafta;

On 2010,decided to expand the activities in West Africa considering the area as a highly promising industry for oil activities, and the our first tanker vessel prepared and bounded to West Africa;

Since 2010 up today, additional 4 tanker vessels prepared and shifted to West Africa where Petrogres succeeded to establish strong relationships with local oil charterers, shippers and receivers. Petrogres management having exanimated the oil trade opportunities in the area decided to enter into direct trade with oil commodities taken the advantages of its shipping and logistic control and strong relationships with local oil suppliers and buyers;

During the past years Petrogres has performed a serious amount of oil sales with substantial revenues and profit;

On February 2016, Petrogres completed a merger agreement with US public company trading in OTC/BB stock market;

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