Petrogress about us

Petrogress Inc.Petrogress is an independent corporation on singular mission to go further and do more in oil & gas energy including the maritime sectors

Petrogress, Inc. is publicly listed on the OTC Markets trading under the symbol PGAS. The Company operates primarily as a holding company for its wholly-owned three subsidiaries.

The affiliates Corporations

about usPetrogres Co. Ltd., a Marshall Islands Corporation,operating as an oil commodity integrate company in West Africa and Mediterranean and provides the supply of petroleum products that ship by its affiliated tanker fleet and delivered to the end buyers. The Company intends to expand this model of its operations and business to other continents as well. By combining regional market knowledge and excellent service to its customers, along with more than 25 years’ experience in shipping and ship’s management, Petrogres has earned a reputation for reliably marketing and moving petroleum products primarily in West Africa.


about usPetronav Carriers llc., a Delaware Corporation, the holder of shares portfolio of the independent ship-owning entities – all under the umbrella of Petrogress, Inc. The Company is handling the management and operations of the existing tankers fleet, by giving the flexibility in our business to work as an integrate company moving our products mainly having the total control of the entire operations –form the supply and the shipping up to final destination! We are focused to increase our carrying capacity of oil products by adding new tankers into our fleet that will maintains our primarily role and the competitive advantages around our operating areas;


about usPetrogress Oil & Gas Energy Inc., a Texas Corporation, primarily focused on investigating the feasibility of acquiring oil fields in Texas so that the Company can expand its operations into the LNG market within the United States market. Our immediate plans for the expansion are underway through the supply and sea carriage of US Liquefied Natural Gas to Mediterranean destinations