“Decisions, commitments and
targets that keep us forward”
“a new challenging oil & gas
energy corporation”
“Petrogress both owns and controls the oil and
vessels for delivery to their clients”
“Your trusted partner”
“Developing new markets of Oil Trading
as an integrate company”

Companies need to recognize changes in the environment and “adjust their sails” in order to meet the new challenges confronting them. Companies need to constantly change to bring about innovation, customer satisfaction, improved value and competitiveness; Towards achieving this objective, Petrogress is in the process of re-organizing its business primarily to avail long term charters, meet customers and operational requirements as under;

petrogress incorporation upstreamUpstream
Oil resources and

petrogress incorporation midstreamMidstream
Product fleet

petrogress incorporation downstreamDownstream
Refinery & finished
product sales

petrogress incorporation lngLiquefied
Natural Gas

Sea transportation

Petrogress with a view to realign its existing business and increase focus on individual growth strategies of each business, proposes to rearrange its business by segregating its traditional shipping business, and petroleum sales, into separate entities which would enable a better and focused approach to needs of growth and consolidation and would assist such entities to pursue their individual growth strategies, thereby resulting in enhancement of their business prospects and shareholder’s value;

“We are focused on maximizing shareholders value by maximizing return on our investments”